Tuesday, May 18, 2010


This might just be it... the journey of my lifetime. I've always wanted to drive cross-country, visiting as many national parks as possible. This seems to be the perfect time for it. I'm in a stable job with a bulk of accrued vacation time. Marriage and children are rapidly approaching. Gas is relatively cheap and I'm thoroughly infected with the travel bug.

So, I've got 31 days to cover the America. My brother Jared's my partner for leg 1 of the journey, I'm flying solo through the Pacific region, then picking up my girlfriend, Kristie in Salt Lake to explore the Southwest. The final leg will be the long drive east which will be broken up nicely with a few stops to visit some of my more geographically distant friends. This blog will serve two purposes: capturing my own daily experiences for posterity's sake and updating any of you curious stalkers out there!

I've never pitched a tent, or gone a day on the road without a shower. This should be prove interesting.

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