Monday, June 21, 2010

Tenting Success

Good news. I now have a place to sleep. On Saturday, with a bit of help from Kristie, I was able to get the thing assembled. Amazingly, all she had to point out was that the pole colors should probably match the flap colors. Tent companies must use sweatshop laborers to determine how many people a tent sleeps. When I went to lay down in this thing, I had to lay diagonally to have a comfortable distance from the walls. Seeing how Greg is coming now, I think that I might try to get my hands on an additional tent so that we all have space to breathe. I've also realized that a Prius is not that large of a vehicle and we need to make an efficient packing list in order to ensure that we can sit comfortably without walls of stuff around us. Today was a day of important minutia. The oil change, tire rotation, balance, alignment, and 41 point inspection have all been scheduled. It almost feels like it is coming up too fast. I still only have reservations at two places, Banff National Park and Truth and Consequences, NM. I am kind of ok with this, but I am pretty sure that Kristie, Jared, and Greg are less-so. Oh well I guess I also have Oklahoma City and Nashville too! Thanks Jamin and Jon and Richard - via Kristie.

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