Saturday, July 3, 2010

Field of Dreams

We started the day at 8am heading back acros the Mississippi River to quickly head up into Wisconsin for a photo with the state sign. Then back over the Mississippi to stop at the Motel 6 where Greg had forgotten his pillow. After retrieving this it was off to Fiueld of Dreams. This was where the landscape really changed to the Corn Culture. It was everywhere. We also were surprised to see a home with KKK prominently printed on a banner in its front yard.

Field of Dreams:
Awesome! It's just like in the movie except they had to relocate the powerlines back over the field. They moved them during the movie. The owners said that after 21 years of daily visitors they were ready to move to a beach somewhere to relax. We played catch, hit balls to each other in the infield and outfield, and met an 80 year old who had never watched the movie but had played on a similar field in high school. He said that if the ball rolled into the corn it was a ground ruled double but if it went through in the air it was a home run. Regardless, the outfielder had to retrieve the ball.

It was a blast to walk into the corn from the field and back out onto the field. Greg took some great video of this.

Unfortunately my camera problems as a traveler continue. The new waterproof camera that we got in Hawaii after ours died at Pearl Harbor somehow got moisture in it. Whenever the camera is in the sun, condensation forms on the inside of the viewfinder and lens. It is quite dismaying. So, we stopped at Best Buy in Waterloo to check have the Geek Squad look at it. All they could do was take it in for service. This is not a good option in Iowa so I asked if putting it in rice may help.They thought it was worth a try so off we went to Target to get a bag of rice. The camera is spending the day drying out in the drivers side pocket.

For lunch, Jared grabbed Panera Bread, Greg beef jerkey, and me Combos. We hit the road for our 7 hour drive to Badlands. About an hour in, we hit MN. Photo time! We opened the doors and the blew wide open on the side of the highway. Minnesota takes ist signs seriously. They are HUGE and landscaped. It felt like August at the beach. 90 degrees and strong winds. Delightful. Then back in the car for our 432 mile drive along I-90. The straigt flat endless road is almost numbing. Slowly the speeds creep up from 70 to 74 to 80 etc. You don't realize it as you can see so far ahead that you don't feel as if you're going anywhere fast. Well, you're not.

Finally we passed into South Dakota and noted a prompt transition from faqrmland to grassland. The sight of huge fields of grass blowing in the breeze is incredible. There is peace and energy. Jared and I bickered about when to get gas. I wanted to make it to South Dakota first so we could only stop once. Jared doesn't like going below a third of a tank. I usually go down to the flashing one bar (1/2) gallon. Being in the absolute middle of nowhwere, Jared had a point. We stopped and got gas. Greg bought an 89c 64 oz cup of diet coke. Isn't that what America's all about?

Well... 233 more miles to go... then we'll set up our tents and hopefully make it to the "Dark Skies" program offered by the Rangers in Badlands.

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