Saturday, July 3, 2010

Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

This place was an awesome respite. We hiked to Baldy Point - only 153 feet tall - but an impressive dune. Then we ran down it into the shores cool waters of Lake Michigan. This was incredibly refreshing. It also feels a good deal like the Cape or RI. It was nice to emerge from redneckville on 1-90 west to an enclave or civilization. We covered 890 miles yesterday traveling from Syracuse to Notre Dame, Indiana Dunes, Panera Bread for Wifi, Chicago Midway to get Jared and then onto our Hotel Room in Dubuque Iowa. This Motel6 was much better. We didn't really like Notre Dame that much. It seemed too corporate. I can certainly see how people would want to come back to Indiana Dunes. It is kind of like the ocean for Chicago I think.

Here's a video I took while running down the dune

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