Sunday, July 11, 2010


I was a bad blogger for Yellowstone. There was not much of a chance to write since we were so busy and took so many pictures that it was impossible for me to charge my computer. Instead we were constantly charging our cameras in the two car chargers.
But – to recap from Glacier – Yellowstone was a highly impressive place. It is split into two parts – geothermal (south loop) and natural wonders (north loop). We did the south on the first day and the north on the second. I LOVED the geothermal features and could have spent all day there. Greg was pretty uninterested and Greg was in the middle.
We started the first day with a shower at the Fishing Bridge Campground. This was my first pay-shower experience. It was not so bad at all. They even had laundry set ups similar to those in a College dorm. We then made our way towards Old Faithful.

More to come... in time haha

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