Thursday, July 15, 2010

Out of Gas

Joe Jon send me a message that he’d been trying to get in touch with me while I was at the buffet so I called him when I left the restaurant. This helped me to forget that I needed to fill up on gas. I realized about 27 miles up the road to Lassen. He offered to check if there was gas up the road. There was not. So I quickly turned around and tried to make it back down into Redding. With about 5 miles left to the gas station I ran out of gas. I was able to coast 4.5 miles down the hill into town. I had to park my car on the side of the road and walk to the gas station. When I go there, it was only me and a very rough looking biker dude who wanted to buy knives. I casually bought the gas container from a very nice clerk. It is a family business and they have pictures of Jesus all over the store and were very friendly. It took a while to figure out how to take the top off of the canister but I finally was able to fill it up and walked back in the waning twilight to put a gallon of gas in my car. Thankfully it started up and I went to the gas station and filled it the rest of the way. Now I think I will be more conscious of keeping it full for the rest of the trip.

When I finally got to Lassen it was pitch black. The stars were amazing but it seemed all of the campers were asleep. I could not find out where to pay so I didn’t and I guess this balances out the $12 I had to spend on the gas canister.

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