Sunday, July 11, 2010

Snake Under The Tent

When we arrived at Badlands we were able to get our tents set up pretty easily. The first one was situated on flat land but the second one had a bit of a dip. Jared wanted to move his tent to higher ground because there had been rain previously and he did not want to wake up wet. So we moved the tent to another spot in the dark. When Jared went to go to bed he put his hand down on the floor of the tent. Suddenly, he felt a 2 inch snake slithering between his pointer finger and thumb through the base of the tent. Freaked out he yelled “shit shit snake” and ran out of the tent. Greg and I did not believe him but Jared was like come here I’ll show you. We looked around four of the five sides of the tent and found nothing. On the last one we lifted it up and there was a gray snake coiled up looking out at us. Jared ran to the bathhouse and said “I’m sleeping in the car tonight.” When we took apart the tent the next morning we found that we’d placed it right on top of a 2 inch wide snake hole.

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