Sunday, July 11, 2010

Week 1 Reflection

I had an awesome time on this trip with Jared and Greg. It was fun to spend a prolonged amount of time together touring these parks. It's certainly been an amazing life experience and hopefully something that we can try to do for a week each year. While we were in Banff, Greg found wifi and checked his email to find out that he had come off the wait list at Villanova too. Now he's suddenly faced with a decision between 'Nova and Richmond. Good problems to have. Congratulations! Jared and I have also decided that we need to start going to the gym more as some of these hikes were harder for us than they should have been. We also don't want to gain too much weight and end up plateauing in our careers as a result. Now to just work it into the schedule! haha

Since I was able to drop Jared and Greg off at the airport a bit early, I think I have enough time to try to go to Crater Lake, Redwoods, and Lassen Volcanoes on the way to meet up with Kristie in Vegas. I got a good start last night and hope to continue this today. However, I will need to stop for an oil change and need to find a place to do some laundry at some point as well! We'll see!I am back up and at them early this morning though I am enjoying a bit of time to lounge here in the hotel before hitting the road again.

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